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The 2010 FIFA World Cup has officially started, and everyone wants to know what the TV schedule is for ESPN. We are here to give all the important information about the TV schedule.
ESPN Group Play TV Schedule
June 11th - We've got two games today on the 2010 World Cup schedule. The first game, at 10:00am EST, is Republic of South Africa vs Mexico (Match 1), and will be shown on ESPN and ESPN3.com. At 2:30pm EST, we'll have Uruguay vs France (Match 2), also on ESPN and ESPN3.com
June 12th - Three more games on the 2010 World Cup schedule. At 7:30am EST South Korea takes on Greece (Match 3), with live coverage on ESPN and ESPN3.com. At 10:00am EST, Argentina faces Nigeria (Match 4) in a match also shown on ESPN and ESPN3.com. Then at 2:30pm EST, the U.S. team takes on England (Match 5), only on ABC.
June 13th - We've got Slovenia and Algeria (Match 6) ESPN and ESPN3.com at 7:30am EST. For the 10:00am EST slot we've got Serbia and Ghana (Match 7) on ESPN and ESPN3.com. Germany vs Australia (Match 8) rounds out the 2:30pm EST spot on ABC.
June 14th - The first game is The Netherlands vs Denmark (Match 9) at 7:30am EST, followed by Japan vs Cameroon (Match 10) at 10:00am EST, followed by Italy vs Paraguay (Match 11) at 2:30pm EST. All three games are on ESPN and ESPN3.com
June 15th - New Zealand and Slovakia (Match 12) start things at 7:30am EST, with Ivory Coast and Portugal (Match 13) at 10:00am EST and Brazil vs North Korea (Match 14) at 2:30pm EST. Again, all three games on the 2010 World Cup schedule today are on ESPN and ESPN3.com
June 16th - Honduras vs Chile (Match 15) at 7:30am EST and Spain vs Switzerland (Match 16) at 10:00am EST are the final two matches of the first round of group play, both shown on ESPN and ESPN3.com. At 2:30pm South Africa takes on Uruguay (Match 17) on ESPN and ESPN3.com
June 17th - More coverage of the group play on the 2010
World Cup schedule, starting off with Argentina vs South Africa (Match 18) at 7:30am, Greece vs Nigeria (Match 19) at 10:00am, and France vs Mexico (Match 20) at 2:30pm EST. All three games are available on ESPN3.com, but the first two are on ESPN and the last is on ESPN2.
June 18th - Germany starts against Serbia (Match 21) at 7:30am, followed by the United States versus Slovenia (Match 22) at 10:00am with both games on ESPN3.com and ESPN. England then takes on Algeria (Match 23) at 2:30pm on ESPN2 and ESPN3.com
June 19th - The Netherlands vs Japan (Match 24) at 7:30am and Ghana vs Australia (Match 25) at 10:00am on ESPN3.com and ESPN. Cameroon vs Denmark (Match 26) at 2:30pm EST on ABC.
June 20th - Slovakia vs Paraguay (Match 27) and Italy vs New Zealand (Match 28) at 7:30am and 10:00am respectively, both on ESPN and ESPN3.com. Brazil takes on Ivory Coast (Match 29) at 2:30am on ABC.
June 21st - The 2010 World Cup schedule continues with Portugual vs North Korea (Match 30) at 7:30am, Chile vs Switzerland (Match 31) at 10:00am, and Spain vs Honduras (Match 32) at 2:30pm with all three games on ESPN and ESPN3.com
June 22nd - Mexico vs Uruguay (Match 33) and France vs South Africa (Match 34) are both at 10:00am, the first is on ESPN and the second is on ESPN2, with both being available on ESPN3.com. At 2:30pm another set of games starts as Nigeria takes on South Korea (Match 35) on ESPN2, and Greece takes on Argentina (Match 36) on ESPN.
June 23rd - Slovenia and England (Match 37) at 10:00am on ESPN2, with the United States and Algeria (Match 38) sharing the timeslot and being shown on ESPN. Ghana vs Germany (Match 39) on ESPN and Australia vs Serbia (Match 40) on ESPN2 take the 2:30pm time.
June 24th - ESPN has Slovakia vs Italy (Match 41) at 10:00am and Denmark vs Japan (Match 42) at 2:30pm, while ESPN2 has Paraguay vs New Zealand (Match 43) and Cameroon vs The Netherlands (Match 44) in the 10:00am and 2:30pm timeslots respectively.
June 25th - The final day of the group stage of the 2010 World Cup schedule. Brazil takes on Portugal (Match 45) at 10:00am, and Spain takes on Chile (Match 46) at 2:30pm on ESPN. North Korea vs Ivory Coast (Match 47) at 10:00am and Honduras vs Switzerland (Match 48) at 2:30pm wrap on ESPN2's group play coverage.
Second Round Schedule
June 26th - The winner of group A takes on the runner-up of group B (Match 49) at 10:00am on ESPN. The winner of group C takes on the runner-up of group D (Match 50) at 2:30pm on ABC.
June 27th - The winner of group D takes on the Runner
-up of group C (Match 51) at 10:00am on ESPN, while the winner of group B takes on the runner-up of group A (Match 52) at 2:30pm, on ABC.
June 28th - Group E winner vs group F runner-up (Match 53) at 10:00am on ESPN. Group G winner vs group H runner-up (Match 54) at 2:30pm on ESPN.
June 29th - Group F winner vs group E runner-up (Match 55) at 10:00am EST on ESPN, followed by the group H winner vs group G runner-up (Match 56) at 2:30pm on ESPN.
World Cup Quarter Finals Schedule
July 2nd - The winners of Matches 53 and 54 (Match 57) will play at 10:00am on ESPN and ABC. The winners of Matches 49 and 50 (Match 58) will play at 2:30pm on ESPN.
July 3rd - The winners of Matches 51 and 52 (Match 59) play at 10:00am on ABC, while the winners of Matches 55 and 56 (Match 60) are on ABC at 2:30pm.
The TV Schedule of Semi-Finals
July 6th - The winners of Matches 57 and 58 (Match 61) are on ESPN at 2:30pm.
July 7th - The winners of Matches 59 and 60 (Match 62) are on ESPN at 2:30pm.
Losers Bracket (3rd Place)
July 10th - Match 61 and Match 62 Losers play at 2:30pm on ABC, with the winner claiming 3rd place.
The Final Game
July 11th - Winners of Matches 61 and 62 play at 2:30pm on ABC, the winner takes home the World Cup and the loser is second-best.

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